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The Mongol Rally

(Letter to the editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine) My girlfriend is a Yalie cum laude and a Fulbright scholar and I am, by the skin of my teeth, a graduate of “State”. She gets the Yale Alumni Magazine with articles about Keynesian economics, cancer cures and neuroscience while I get alumni bulletins with cheerleaders … Continue reading


The Debates!

Lets face it; we all love hating Donald Trump. There used to be crucifixions, Christians and lions and gladiators, and then bear baiting, and then actual staged gunfights. There’s the Super-bowl and March Madness, the US Open and Mayweather-Pacquiao … but that stuff is tiddly winks compared to the pornographic thrills awaiting us this fall. … Continue reading


One God

Since you go to a church, any church, I think you should consider a few things about your belief in God, His “son”, The Holy Ghost, virgin births, The Assumption, transubstantiation and His famously inspired book, the Bible, which will never be mentioned in your church (or any other church). Think of this as a … Continue reading