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John Chau

When are we, as a society in the 21st Century, ever going to acknowledge the fundamental truth of all religions? Every single major religion began around a campfire with an old man telling a story about how we got here and where we are going. From the Sumerians to the Greeks to the Jews to … Continue reading


Brett or Bart?

It has been many, many years since I looked at my prep school yearbook. Notwithstanding my age and onset dementia, I do remember however, that there is not a single word next to my mug shot that I am ashamed of or embarrassed by. The revealing, embarrassing, vulgar stupidity of Mr. Kavanaugh’s yearbook entry does … Continue reading


The Mongol Rally

(Letter to the editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine) My girlfriend is a Yalie cum laude and a Fulbright scholar and I am, by the skin of my teeth, a graduate of “State”. She gets the Yale Alumni Magazine with articles about Keynesian economics, cancer cures and neuroscience while I get alumni bulletins with cheerleaders … Continue reading


The Debates!

Lets face it; we all love hating Donald Trump. There used to be crucifixions, Christians and lions and gladiators, and then bear baiting, and then actual staged gunfights. There’s the Super-bowl and March Madness, the US Open and Mayweather-Pacquiao … but that stuff is tiddly winks compared to the pornographic thrills awaiting us this fall. … Continue reading