For much of my adult life I held on to an uncharitable prejudice against ALL adult Germans living between 1920 and 1945. I believed that EVERY German was responsible for The Holocaust. Every one of them should have run across the street to save their friends. They all subscribed to the notion that Germany had … Continue reading


Why I Hate Republicans

WHY I HATE REPUBLICANS; EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM; INCLUDING THEIR GODAM CATS AND DOGS by Arthur Bacon Has a single republican come out vehemently against President Trump’s jingoist, racist remarks about freshman non-blond members of The United States Congress? Of course not because they have cultivated a thousand obsequiously tepid responses to Trump’s increasingly … Continue reading

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It all Depends*

“Who feareth to suffer, suffereth already, because he feareth.” Montaigne Although still to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine, preliminary results of my recent study suggest that I have discovered an unusually effective palliative for Arthritis, back pain, aching knees and middle-aged dyspepsia; especially if you are a man over fifty… with … Continue reading