Billiards / Seattle

The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece Billiards Club No smoking. No alcohol. No bulshit. Just pool. “Addiction to billiards is as great an impediment to productivity as cocaine is to ambition” Rhutra Nocab The gamblers seemed indifferent to the comity and comfort of The Golden Fleece. Maybe its simply because, like fighters, for example, focused as they are … Continue reading

Politics / Seattle

King County Metro

Well, the One Percenters have done it again. The Seattle Times pretty much single-handedly convinced a lot of Seattle voters that Seattle blue is turning more and more toward purple as a vote for public transportation was defeated this week. The thing is, public transportation is not something most rich people do. The rich drive … Continue reading

Art / Seattle

Seattle Symphony and Minimalism

As sometime symphony goers, and thanks to today‚Äôs information gathering techniques, we received free tickets to hear the Seattle band play their up-coming Carnegie Hall program at Benaroya Hall. The program did not excite me but Ludovic Morlot has turned what had become a querulous ensemble into a first-rate orchestra so we looked forward to … Continue reading