We had a few graduate students over for dinner the other night and one of them said that “Catherine the Great was fucked to death by a horse.” We all laughed with bacchanalian good humor but she insisted that it was really true. Giving slight credence to this wacky college dorm legend was the recent … Continue reading


Glen Beck’s: The Year 2039 in Review (3 AM reading material for Elizabeth Warren at senate climate-change all-nighter)

2039 was an excellent year for America as the “Russian Conflict” finally came to a close with the death of Vladimir Putin at age 86.   The Russian War, which lasted from 2014 to 2038, necessitated aggressive, new natural resource development here in North America because we had to double production to supply our allies … Continue reading



“The mammalian tail, present in all mammalian species, has evolved as a surprisingly multi-purpose and important appendage”. Department of Zoology, University of Natal, Pietermaitzburg, South Africa It took a long time to convince people that the earth was not flat. Then it took another long time to convince people that the earth was not the … Continue reading

Politics / Seattle

King County Metro

Well, the One Percenters have done it again. The Seattle Times pretty much single-handedly convinced a lot of Seattle voters that Seattle blue is turning more and more toward purple as a vote for public transportation was defeated this week. The thing is, public transportation is not something most rich people do. The rich drive … Continue reading