For Teenagers

Boys Who Like Girls: What Mom and Dad Won’t Tell You About Sex

By Arthur Bacon, with illustrations by Aitana de la Jara

Boys Cover for FacebookThis book is written mainly for boys who are going through puberty, which could be anywhere from eleven to fourteen years old, and who are heterosexual. Written by a teacher for his nephews, the author speaks frankly about his own experiences, and thus honestly states that he can only speak genuinely about boys who are sexually attracted to girls while embracing the differences that might exist with boys who feel differently.

This little book is packed with a lot of information which is presented in a no-nonsense, man-to-man approach that is warm and humorous. This candid approach makes the otherwise awkward subject of teenage sexuality readable and enjoyable. The book covers everything a boy may be wondering about regarding sex: pubic hair, wet dreams, masturbation, French kissing, contraception, penises and vaginas…Along the way, Mr. Bacon offers personal advice about prudence, courtesy, bullying, humor, sensitivity, dating and respect.

The informal and personable language is accompanied by descriptive and fun illustrations that make the book an easy read for young people.

Here is a book from a guy who liked girls, for all the boys who like girls.

To read previews and purchase a copy, visit’s book page.

Photo Books

The U.S.-Mexican Border

By Arthur Bacon

This book is a collection of 22 black and white and color photographs that describe one man’s personal look at 20 years of experiences on a border full of extreme contrasts.

US-Mexican_Border_coverI began photographing the United States-Mexican border in 1994 and I will probably be photographing the border as long as I can push the shutter of a camera. I have always been interested in borders; the intersection of peoples and cultures, whether between East and West Germany or Israel and Palestine.

One day on National Public Radio, I heard about a ferry down in Texas where a couple guys pull cars across the Rio Grande and decided immediately that I had to photograph that. I spent a month driving and photographing the whole border, weaving back and forth between Mexico and the United States from Tijuana to Brownsville. I was hooked.

The U.S.-Mexican border is highly symbolic for me. It represents a kind of kinesthesia of history in its ebb and flow and changing meanders, literal and physical. It has represented a large change in my own photography, which had been rooted in West Coast landscapes and now finds significance in more socio-political imagery. The border was the catalyst for this change in my work.

The border is no different than New York City, The Puget Sound or Mongolia in the basic aspects of life. People are born there, they live and grow up and fall in love and get married and work there just like in any other place on earth. They drive cars, drink beer, play pool, race horses, shop, and the years go by. At the same time, of course, it is a place where people intersect in a dramatic way, thanks to the enormous difference between the economies north and south of the border. To maintain, however, that the border is just a place of mariachis, gun battles, drug smuggling and furtive alien hordes sneaking into the backyards of Texas is unmerited. I hope to speak to the whole border experience in my work.

Arthur Bacon

September, 2009

Download a pdf copy of The U.S.-Mexican Border.

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