For much of my adult life I held on to an uncharitable prejudice against ALL adult Germans living between 1920 and 1945. I believed that EVERY German was responsible for The Holocaust. Every one of them should have run across the street to save their friends. They all subscribed to the notion that Germany had … Continue reading


Why I Hate Republicans

WHY I HATE REPUBLICANS; EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM; INCLUDING THEIR GODAM CATS AND DOGS by Arthur Bacon Has a single republican come out vehemently against President Trump’s jingoist, racist remarks about freshman non-blond members of The United States Congress? Of course not because they have cultivated a thousand obsequiously tepid responses to Trump’s increasingly … Continue reading

Billiards / Seattle

The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece Billiards Club No smoking. No alcohol. No bulshit. Just pool. “Addiction to billiards is as great an impediment to productivity as cocaine is to ambition” Rhutra Nocab The gamblers seemed indifferent to the comity and comfort of The Golden Fleece. Maybe its simply because, like fighters, for example, focused as they are … Continue reading


Letter To A Friend

  Dear Marvin, I am sorry that you have decided NOT to maintain our political cyber-intercourse. Perhaps this letter will find its way into your hands and we can continue to discuss our various opinions regarding Mr. Trump and the “state of the union”. First of all let me suggest a great movie, The Garden … Continue reading


John Chau

When are we, as a society in the 21st Century, ever going to acknowledge the fundamental truth of all religions? Every single major religion began around a campfire with an old man telling a story about how we got here and where we are going. From the Sumerians to the Greeks to the Jews to … Continue reading


Brett or Bart?

It has been many, many years since I looked at my prep school yearbook. Notwithstanding my age and onset dementia, I do remember however, that there is not a single word next to my mug shot that I am ashamed of or embarrassed by. The revealing, embarrassing, vulgar stupidity of Mr. Kavanaugh’s yearbook entry does … Continue reading