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Well, the One Percenters have done it again. The Seattle Times pretty much single-handedly convinced a lot of Seattle voters that Seattle blue is turning more and more toward purple as a vote for public transportation was defeated this week.

The thing is, public transportation is not something most rich people do. The rich drive their Saabs, Beemers and Benzes past people standing at bus stops and think of immigrants, maids, laborers, secretaries, students and the homeless huddled ignominiously against the elements. Rich people have never had to stand in the rain or snow waiting for a bus. Rich people have never had to run desperately for a bus; missing the bus and losing a job. Rich people never have to stand holding a strap for an hour just to get to work. I have a few rich friends and they have never set foot in a bus. All they do is complain about the congestion buses cause.

Buses of course, are a stunning, ubiquitous symbol of GOVERNMENT subsidization. Of course public transit has to be supported by government (taxes). More government interference in our right to clog up our highways, pollute and contribute to climate change.

Funny, as I drove north out of Seattle earlier this week I marveled at the spectacular commuter facility spanning I-5 with its huge parking garage, pedestrian air-way and rapid transit bus station and it made me proud to be living in a place where such things exist. On First Thursdays when I ride the #40 bus downtown I marvel again at the cleanliness and courtesy of King county Metro buses. I love the magnificent underground bus/rail stations from the International District up to Westlake. I love the fact that I can walk down the block and catch a bus and then hop on the light rail and viola, I am at Seatac. I confess that I only ride a bus a few times a month but in two years in Seattle I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A KING COUNTY METRO BUS, AND NOT HEAR ALMOST EVERY PASSENGER THANK THE DRIVER AND THE DRIVER REPLY IN KIND. The fact is, people who ride King County buses love their buses and their drivers.

For all those people who do not love and support King County Metro I suggest that the next time you are in San Francisco you take the #38 from downtown out to the Palace of the Legion of Honor on Geary Boulevard. It will be late. The detritus and urine on the floor will stink. The “rap” from the boom-box will threaten no less than the angry brows of the purveyors. The graffiti will depress and the driver will exude an attitude of such contempt that none of the Renoirs, Rembrandts or Rafael’s at the Palace will assuage your melancholy. Next time vote YES for King County Metro!


6 thoughts on “King County Metro

  1. Regarding the essay called Sadie on your other website: I am not a fan of those dangerous dogs and have never understood the appeal; nevertheless, your story brought a tear to my eye.

  2. Oh no–an ad for Biotene on this page! Hope it brings you enough money to be worth the placement next to your excellent writing.

    • Hmmmm. . .Thanks for alerting me to the biotene threat.I recommend Dr. David Offit’s excellent little book, “Do You Believe In Magic”? You will never waste another penny on biotene, ginko biloba, aloe vera, Vitamin C, acupuncture, or the faux a faux, chiropractors again. Needless to say, I don’t get a cent for my pitiable diatribes and there seems to be little I can do to prevent their trespass on my little splenetic domain. Cheers, Arthur

  3. Well, Biotene is actually something that someone like Dr. David Offit very well might recommend. And his book sounds interesting, but I would hate to become convinced that Vitamin C isn’t keeping the colds away after all and suddenly start catching everything, or become convinced that the chiropractor isn’t keeping my back in perfect alignment after all, and begin suffering chronic back pain.

    • It is all like religion isn’t it. We just WANT to believe so desperately when we look out the starboard window of the Delta 737 and see flames spewing out of the CFM56-7 turbofan; “Oh please dear god I swear, if you get me back on terra firma I will be your grateful servant forever! Please. Please”. There is no god listening to our pathetic entreaties amid the flames or cancers or deaths of our children. But how wonderful it would be if there really were some dude who loved us and was always looking over us like our biological father when we were kids. Same with the junk pills and lotions and syrups. How can it possibly be that those impressive-looking Theragram vitamin and mineral pills won’t help me feel better? My older brother, an atheist cynic like me just told me about something called “Cold Calm” that, he says, despite his impressive intellectual doubts, really helps. LIke he says, it is probably just corn syrup and seaweed but that old placebo effect is great. When the old guy collapses in the middle of “Carmen” there is a good reason why nobody yells, Is there a chiropractor in the house”? Those guys are the ones who sat at the back of the room and got “C’s” in biology and now they want to be called “doctor” so they go to some school behind the Howard Johnson’s and memorize a bunch of bones. And the acupuncturists? Right, and just because they have been around since the Mings and Tangs it is supposed to work when the Chinese government forbade vivisection. And same with the “naturopaths”. Quacks, every one. My best friend is 70 and still smokes stupidly but his girlfriend’s naturopath said it was okay so of course he keeps smoking and wonders why he can’t walk more than a mile. Mark Twain probably had something pithy to say about snake oil salesmen and quacks. Thanks a lot Orrin Hatch, you supplemental creep!

      • 1. Yes, people so want to believe that there is a protective dude, and yet when asked why the dude would allow so much suffering, they seem content to accept the notion that he works in mysterious ways and that everything will somehow be made clear later.
        2. Cold Calm: Seems to be extremely highly rated, and how can you possibly not trust something that includes the ingredient “Nux Vomica”?
        3. The placebo effect is real, as detailed in a recent book “Cure – a Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body”.
        4. It would be hilarious and worth the price of an opera ticket to see “Carmen” where someone yells, “Is there a chiropractor in the house?”
        5. Had to look up Orrin Hatch and supplements; greed trumps responsibility.

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